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The most innovative, attractive and comprehensive online presentation and promotion tool

Features & Functionalities

Many ways to promote your property or business

1. Your own Virtual Tour showing your business or property with impact

The Virtual Tour is one of the key elements of your Virtual Viewer. The menu bar in the lower part of the screen serves to navigate through the Virtual Tour and the 360° photographs. Scrolling with a mouse can also perform part of these functions.

plantilla-fondo-1By creating a visually appealing 360° Virtual Tour of your property or business, it becomes easier to attract and convince customers to buy (or rent) from you. Whilst a picture is worth a thousand words, your own Virtual Viewer tells your clients more than hundred pages of text.

80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use certain products or services (Pew Internet & American Life Study, 2006). 360° Virtual Tours allow your property or business to convey its unique philosophy and style. These tours allow a customer to see things in a very clear and interactive way.

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Business owners can consider the following real world scenarios where our Virtual Tour adds value:

* A woman looking for a specific clothing style would be able to check out a fashion store’s range and overall style.

* A gentleman may want to book a romantic dinner in a restaurant for him and his partner, check the menu and select a specific table.

* A traveller might wish to select a hotel according to a certain ambience, view the bar and restaurant and select a room type.

* A Golf player may wish to prepare for his play by examining the golf course, obstacles, curves, slopes and holes.

* A bride looking for a great wedding reception will be able to look inside the venue at the size of function rooms, facilities, décor, etc.

casas-360-web-glassesExclusive VR Glasses

For the ultimate Virtual Reality Experience, your 360° photographs are best viewed with special VR Glasses, a foldout cardboard mount for a mobile phone. Once the kit is assembled, you insert your smart phone in the back of the device, which is held in place by the selected fastening device. Our integrated app splits the smart phone display image into two, one for each eye, while also applying barrel distortion to each image to counter pincushion distortion from the lenses. The result is a stereoscopic (3D) image with a wide field of view. Your own Virtual Viewer comes standard with full 3D compatibility to enjoy a Virtual Reality Tour in three dimensions. For this purpose we offer the VR glasses as an extra. Click on the icon in the Virtual Viewer, insert your mobile phone and enjoy an even more spectacular tour!

2. Many functions and full information at your client’s fingertips

Although one of the main elements of your Virtual Viewer is the Virtual Tour, there are many more functionalities included to make the most out of your business or property.

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plantilla-fondo-2The various functionalities are accessible by clicking one of the following 8 icons. By clicking the corresponding icon your client:
1. Goes straight to your website
2. Calls you from a mobile device
3. Visits your online shop
4. Will see all your flat photos
5. Will see your 3D plan
6. Will see your video
7. Will see your brochure, price list, etc
8. Will see your location

3. Promote & share your business or property on all Social Media with 1 click

Your Virtual Viewer is ideal for all kinds of Online Marketing actions. Its versatility, loading speed, high quality images and responsive design allow you to perform any kind of Social Media sharing and Online Marketing.

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One of the most innovative features of the Virtual Viewer is that it enables you to quickly share all its contents and pictures online on all Social Media. This makes it a powerful tool for promoting your business or property, fitting in perfectly with your Online Marketing. Its responsive design guarantees perfect visibility and accessibility on mobile devices as well. Your Virtual Viewer invites people to share what they see and will turn your clients into your brand ambassadors promoting your business or property.

plantilla-fondo-3Sharing buttons included are:

• vCard
• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Google
• Twitter
• Whatsapp
• Email

Nowadays, every business has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google , etc. In order to take use of its many advantages, these tools require interesting content that your fans like to see on a regular basis.

With your own Virtual Viewer you can create a simple but effective Online Marketing campaign using the Social Media features as described above. An example would be to publish your Virtual Viewer on your Facebook wall, Twitter or Google account and every month offer a prize to those fans that share your Virtual Viewer the most.

qr_imgQR Codes

Just about any type of organisation can use QR Codes (Quick Response) in their marketing materials. QR Codes are similar to the standard bar codes, except QR codes can contain much more information than traditional barcodes.

Whether you’re a retail business, non-profit organization, estate agent, restaurant, golf club or a hotel, if a portion of your target audiences use smart phones then a QR Code can be a great way to differentiate yourself and reach people in new ways. QR codes allow your advertisements, brochures, posters, etc. to direct your customers to your Virtual Viewer that contains much more information and interactivity than can be afforded on a printed page.

Put a QR code in a direct mail piece, business card, postcard, restaurant menu card, shop pricelist, golf course advertisement, hotel door hanger, etc. Use it to provide a discount or access to privileged information that your clients will get when they visit your Virtual Viewer. Alternatively start an innovative marketing campaign giving away a free menu, hotel stay, round of golf, etc. for the client that has shared your QR code and Virtual Viewer most extensively on Social Media, thereby boosting your brand awareness.

4. Use your Virtual Viewer as your Website

If you don’t have a website or you just want to have another one, your Virtual Viewer can serve for this purpose. At delivery of your Virtual Viewer, we will provide you with a straightforward manual how to arrange this.

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Click here for an example.

Si usted es propietario de un negocio le ofrecemos un sitio Web muy contemporáneo, donde el Visor Virtual es un verdadero punto de atracción. Proporcionenos el texto y los demás documentos (como un video) que desee incluir y nosotros hacemos el resto. ¡Tenga en cuenta que una sesión fotográfica completa está totalmente incluida en este precio! En ningún otro lugar va a tener una página Web tan innovadora y completa que le da tanto valor por su dinero. Lo único que usted necesita es buscar un nombre de dominio y ya está listo para presentarse con impacto al publico.


Gain the following advantages

The Complete Picture

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360° photos and virtual tours show viewers the complete picture rather than just segments that leave uncertainties in their minds. Viewers will understand your home or business easier and in a much better way than through traditional photos.

Virtual Open House 24/7

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With our services your property or business has a virtual open-house 24/7. With your Virtual Viewer, your 360° photographs and other information are always and instantly accessible for viewers on any platform and on any device, including mobile phones. Whether you use your Virtual Viewer as a website or not.

Well-Informed clients

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Clients thinking of visiting your shop, requesting a viewing for your property, booking a green fee for your golf course, booking a weekend in your hotel or reserving a table in your restaurant are better-informed and generally higher quality clients. They know upfront what to expect, which reduces complaints and disillusions. As an illustration for homeowners: virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40% (1).



(1) Property Week

Beat The Competition

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360° photos and online virtual tours make your business or property and your location undoubtedly stand out between your competitors. Standing out between competitors generally means better business.

Increase Exposure & Traffic

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Real estate listings that feature a virtual tour are viewed 40% more than listings with only traditional (flat) photographs (2). Hotels that have a virtual tour generate 48% more bookings (3). 85% of restaurant customers state that they like to see a virtual walk through the restaurant (4). Shops also benefit, proved by a department store showing a 20% increase of on site traffic after implementing a virtual tour (5).

(2) realtor

(3) Best Western

(4) POS sector

(5) Google Business View (Leekes department Store)

Increase Online Viewing Time

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It’s not just an increase in the numbers of potential clients or prospects, also the time spent viewing your business or property increases with your Virtual Viewer. This is illustrated by research (6) indicating that the online viewing time per photo for a 360° photo is around 10 times more (30 seconds compared to just a few seconds for a regular (flat) photo).

(6) Funda – The Netherlands

Stable Infrastructure & Hosting

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Your Virtual Viewer includes hosting for 5 years on the highly acclaimed Amazon Web Services. Our technical infrastructure is top notch and entirely cloud based. The Amazon platform is by far the best in the market and is also used by amazon.com, Dropbox and Netflix and guarantees the utmost stability. This makes sure that your clients won’t leave your Virtual Viewer due to loading difficulties, streaming issues or other technical problems that many other platforms have.

High Accessibility

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The link to your comprehensive and interactive Virtual Viewer can easily be integrated on any website and can be shared on Social Media with just a click. Additionally, you can also use the Virtual Viewer as your (primary or secondary) website in its own right. The Virtual Viewer has several interactive unique features and functionalities like a “Call direct” button, a “go to web shop” button and a location map. Anything you wish can be integrated in your Virtual Viewer and be made easily accessible for your clients using any kind of device.

Convert Clients Into Ambassadors

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Due to the innovative and interactive nature of our Virtual Viewer, combined with the stunning visuals and Virtual Tour, your customers will immediately share it with their friends and family with just a single click. This way your customers will become your brand ambassadors, creating your own “Volunteer Sales Force".

Prices & Inclusions

All prices exclude VAT

Whatever business or property you have, you will receive the following elements:

  • Your own multimedia Virtual Viewer with many functionalities and features*
  • A professional Virtual Tour based on high quality 360° photos**
  • A wide range of high quality flat photos**
  • Integration of your brochure, video, price list, etc.
  • 5 years full hosting on Amazon servers (thereafter renewable per year).

As an extra we offer the possibility to order special VR Glasses, resulting in impressing your clients even more. Your Virtual Viewer comes with full compatibility with these glasses.

* Including the possibility to use the Virtual Viewer as your website

**All photos are free of copyright to use in any media


4 scenes* (máximum)
Flat photos**
Price: € 499 .
Upon reservation of your Virtual Viewer you will pay € 100. Upon completion you will be charged € 399.

Terms & Conditions (Spanish only)



10 scenes* (máximum)
Flat photos**
Price: € 999.
Upon reservation of your Virtual Viewer you will pay € 200. Upon completion you will be charged € 799.

Terms & Conditions (Spanish only)



15 scenes* (máximum)
Flat photos**
Price: € 1.499.
Upon reservation of your Virtual Viewer you will pay € 300. Upon completion you will be charged € 1.199.

Terms & Conditions (Spanish only)



25 scenes* (máximum)
Flat photos**
Price: € 2.499.
Upon reservation of your Virtual Viewer you will pay € 500. Upon completion you will be charged € 1.999.

Terms & Conditions (Spanish only)


* Extra scenes: € 150 per scene.

** The amount of flat photos necessary to present your business in the best possible way will be decided by the photographer.

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About Us

Visor Virtual has its origin in The Netherlands. Our company has over 10 years of experience using video and photography for high-end marketing purposes. Over the last few years we have developed unique tools and techniques in high-resolution interior and exterior photography. Combined with our specialised software this results in the highest possible quality of services you can find. We provide the ultimate Virtual Viewer for businesses, shops, bars, restaurants, homeowners, golf resorts, hotels, estate agents, public buildings and owners of large real estate portfolios.

We cover all Spanish provinces working with a nationwide network of selected highly qualified photographers specializing in architecture, leisure and interior photography. These photographers are trained by us to perform their job quickly and professionally. They follow our specialised protocols using the very best equipment in the market resulting in a continuous high quality output.

Due to our fully automated processes we can offer our high quality services for a very good value for money with the lowest rendering time possible. This means you will get very high quality results delivered in the shortest delivery time possible and for the best price you will find.


Do you wish to present your business or property in the most attractive, innovative and comprehensive way for the best value for money? Do you want to take full advantage of a simple-to-use tool with many Social Media and Online Marketing features? If so, then please fill in your details below. We would be delighted to provide you with our services and support you in reaching your target!

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Due to continuous growth we are always looking for photographers and distributors in various areas, also outside Spain. Please send an email to: info@visorvirtual.es for more information.

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